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WPRio Proudly Sponsors WordCamp Sylhet 2024

WPRio at WordCamp Sylhet 2024: Insights, Experiences, and Inspirations

Our WPRio team had the privilege of attending WordCamp Sylhet 2024. But this time, we weren’t just ordinary participants, we were there as startup sponsors.

As a sponsor, we had the unique opportunity to engage deeper in the Bangladeshi WordPress community. We met with like-minded people, talked about our latest products, and made meaningful connections.

Not only that, but we also learned about Bangladeshi WordPress enthusiasts’ achievements, specific needs, and challenges from the various insightful sessions.

Let us take you through WordCamp Sylhet 2024 with our comprehensive recap that will take you right into the heart of this remarkable event.

WPRio Proudly Sponsors WordCamp Sylhet 2024

For the first time, we sponsored an event, and we couldn’t be happier that it was WordCamp. WordCamp is one of the premier community-organized events where WordPress professionals gather to learn, share, and connect.

Sponsoring WordCamp reflects our commitment to the WordPress community. We believe in the importance of such events, as they create a collaborative environment where everyone works together to further shape WordPress.

As soon as WordCamp Sylhet was announced, we were eager to contribute to the WordPress community in meaningful ways. For that, we became a startup sponsor this year and are looking forward to contributing more in the near future.

WordCamp Sylhet 2024: A Brief Overview

Not a few, but there are dozens of reasons that made WordCamp Sylhet 2024 truly exceptional. It was a pure blast, with two electrifying days overflowing with learning, connection, and celebrating everything WordPress.

From seasoned developers to curious bloggers, we met with a diverse group of WordPress enthusiasts from across the region. We weren’t just observers, but were actively engaged with everyone there. 

From the dedicated organizers and enthusiastic contributors to the inspiring speakers and every attendee with a question, we interacted with everyone. Let us give you all the gist of this successful WordCamp:

VenueCentral Auditorium of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
DurationMay 10 – 11, 2024 
OrganizersShahjahan Jewel and Syed Rezwanul Haque

Day 1 – Contributor Day (May 10th)

WordCamp Sylhet 2024 kicked off with Contributor Day, a tradition that takes place just before the main event or conference day.

Basically, it’s a day of contributing to WordPress as a volunteer for an open-source WordPress project. Anyone who registered for the main event was able to attend the contributor day with a separate registration process. 

However, Contributor Day is not just about contributing; it’s also about observing, learning how to contribute, and exploring different areas of contribution. We didn’t want to miss that part.

We attended Contributor Day at the Auth Lab, arriving promptly at 9 a.m. Upon arrival, we were amazed to see a large gathering of contributors, organized into 18 distinct areas.

Some of these areas included core, design, marketing, polyglots, documentation, and community. Each area had its own table, with groups of expert volunteers facilitating contributions.

We tried to go through all the tables to gain more in-depth knowledge, and we specifically focused on core, development, design, and documentation. It was a long day of fun, contributing, learning, and networking that ended at 3:45 PM. 

Day 1 – Welcome Dinner Party

Although the welcome dinner is not part of Contributor Day, it is held on the same day. This special event allows volunteers, sponsors, speakers, and organizers to network, relax, and enjoy an evening together before the main conference begins.

On behalf of our whole team, Mr. Nazmul Asif, our SEO and content marketing specialist, attended the dinner party. It was all about meeting with like-minded people, like organizers, CEOs, and many more, to share ideas and make connections.

Day 2 – Conference Day // WordCamp Main Event  (May 11th)

The heart and soul of WordCamp is Conference Day, where you’ll find learning opportunities, inspiring talks and networking opportunities. As of this year, the conference was scheduled to begin at 7 a.m in the morning and close at 4:45 p.m. 

Our entire team was there from beginning to end and made the most of each moment. Let’s talk about what we did, what we’ve learned, and everything that made the main event or conference day unforgettable.


As registration was scheduled to begin at 7 a.m., our entire team rushed to the SUST auditorium in order to arrive on time. Luckily, Sylhet isn’t as dense as Dhaka and doesn’t have that traffic jam, so we made it on time.

After we got there, we had to register at registration booths. Upon completion of registration, the register crews distribute IDs, breakfasts, and goodie bags. 

When we entered the auditorium, we were amazed by the number of attendees, even though it was only around 7:15 or 7:20 a.m. Afterward, we met a number of old and new friends, former colleagues, and other familiar faces.

Sponsor Booths

As we reached the SUST auditorium (the venue) on time, we had plenty of time to check out the sponsor booths before the event began. There were more than 15 sponsor booths on the first and second floors of the auditorium. 

We split up into multiple groups and visited sponsor booths to learn more about their products and services and engage with their representatives.

Also, we took advantage of the exclusive WordPress swag sponsors gave away. We collected swag like cool stickers, t-shirts, and gifts from boots like Authlab, Wedevs, Elements, Jetpack, and many more.

Some of our team members participated in various contests, competing for prizes such as monitors, routers, and more. 

Conference Sessions

Finally, around 8:30 a.m., the heart of WordCamp Sylhet 2024 began to beat which We were eagerly waiting for. 

Each year, WordCamp has an impressive lineup of inspirational sessions. This year was no exception, Sylhet WordCam 2024 had 15 exceptional sessions.

We don’t want to miss any sessions, especially the marketing and development part, as we recently launched our new product, which is RioVizual.

Atikur Rahman Tonmoy kicked off WordCamp with his insights on crafting winning strategies for launching WordPress products. His session was so valuable that our marketing team added some new tasks to their to-do list.

Following his session, Subhasis Chatterjee led a discussion on the future of blogging. Our marketing team at RioVizual, which is also focused on creating helpful blogs for WordPress and Gutenberg, found Chatterjee’s session particularly insightful.

Well, our goal was to attend nearly all of the remaining 13 sessions in order to gain some valuable experience. But we took a break in between sessions as we were also there in Sylhet 2024 WordCamp to make meaningful connections as well. 

We went to several booths and talked to representatives about their products, their challenges, and how they had overcome them. Almost all the individuals there were super friendly, and they were more than willing to share their insights.

However, among the 15 sessions, there are certain sessions that we don’t want to miss, and some of them are:

  • Unlocking Growth Through Community by Mizanur Rahaman Mizan
  • A masterclass on organizational decision-making by Syed Abdullah Galib
  • Block Theme Development by Tanvirul Haque

In addition to the individual sessions, we were keen on experiencing the panel discussions. There were a total of three panel sessions: one focused on community, while the others centered around design and business.

Panel discussions offer a unique opportunity to gain insights from a variety of perspectives, expertise, and in-depth exploration. Therefore, we didn’t want to miss that part. 

However, the conference wasn’t just about sessions, there were also scheduled breaks too. From 1:10 to 2:10 PM, there was a one-hour break for lunch, which was held in SUST’s cafeteria.

One thing we must mention is that this year’s lunch was particularly special. The organizers arranged for Kacchi Biriyani, and it was absolutely delicious and satisfying.

Group Photo & Closing Ceremony

The best part of this WordCamp was that everything happened on time and as scheduled. Once the sessions were over, it was time for group photos and the closing ceremony. 

During the group photo session, several group photos and selfies were snapped. Take a peek at Shajahan Jewel’s selfie and see if you can spot us (just kidding).

Following the group photo session, the closing ceremony commenced. As part of this ceremony, the organizers presented crests as tokens of appreciation to all the sponsors, including us. 

We were deeply honored to receive this recognition and proud to have contributed to such a successful event. 

Looking Ahead: WordCamp Dhaka 2024/25

We all left the SUST auditorium with tons of memories, newfound knowledge, and a sense of belonging to a dynamic WordPress community. Being part of this WordCamp as a sponsor was a thrilling experience, and we are already planning to become a super admin sponsor next time. 

Upon returning to Dhaka, we eagerly set out to implement the newfound knowledge, hopeful for better results. Also, all of our team members are super motivated, and they eagerly participate in similar events in the future.

However, we are expecting that WordCamp Dhaka will take place soon. After attending several Dhaka WordPress meetups and hearing from previous organizers, we are brimming with hope for the next Dhaka WordCamp.

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